Get Rewarded For Your Online Work!

How to earn

FluxRewards make it very easy to make some extra money for yourself. It's simple to start, and it's key that you do follow our rules to make sure that you don't end up losing your earnings! This page was created with the objective of helping you find ways to start earning with FluxRewards, it's mainly for members so it's probably best if you sign up.


Offer walls:

You can use our wide range of offer walls to earn points, which then can be exchanged to real world money. Our offer walls can enable any type of user to begin their earning journey with us!

Earning from these walls is very simple, just make sure you are logged in and head over to the offer walls page, and simply complete offers.

Offers Page:

Another way of completing offers is by using the offers page, the offers page is a more maintained area, meaning that FluxRewards has full control over what offers are shown here.

Navigate to the offers page.

  1. Click the offer's title
  2. Complete the offer, making sure that you have read and understood what you have to do via its description.
  3. Once complete, close out of the tab and click on the green Submit button.

Referring Friends:

Our referral system allows you to earn money by inviting your friends to our website.

You earn 10% of your friend's earnings for lifetime!

You can learn more about referrals here.