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1 Year Anniversary - Earning Bonus of 5% for up to 21 days!

We would like to say a massive thank you to all the users that are using our website to earn money from home, and to give back we've given you increased earning rates of 5% bonus for up to 21 days (Ends on the 15th of August!) We are always looking for ways to improve the amount of money that users can make via our website, and one of the ways it by always increasing the percentage we pay on our walls, which we have increased to around 70%-80%, which beats most of our competitors!


To get an extra 5% bonus on all offers and offer walls simply do the following:

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Bonuses are now live, meaning that you can now redeem the code and start using your bonuses.
They will end on August 15th 2018

Thanks for using FluxRewards, we hope you enjoy using our site to make money, enjoy the bonuses!