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If you are banned or you are placed into cheater mode, there may be an acceptable reason for it.
FluxRewards reserves the right to ban, delete, or temporarily lock any accounts of suspicion of fraud, fake information, Country Switching, Proxy IP or multi-accounting.

People are most likely banned for not following the rules & regulations or breaking the terms of service.

Cheater Mode

  • Unable to view withdrawals.
  • Unable to make new withdrawal requests.
  • Unable to make money from referrals during this time.
  • Unable to gain new referrals during this time.
  • Unable to complete offers, enter contests and/or use offer walls.
  • Unable to use promotional codes.

Banned User

  • All the above for cheater mode.
  • You will not be able to login, meaning your account is completely unusable.
  • You may be blocked from accessing certain pages outside of the user area.


Getting unbanned

Once your account has been banned from accessing FluxRewards, you are unlikely to ever be able to regain access to your account.
You'll be banned directly from our website until your session expires.

Removing Cheater Mode

Normally doesn't last longer than a week, but can last longer if the issue is not fixed.