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Site changelog

Most major site changes are listed below.


  • Changes how the user count is counted, only members that have confirmed their email and completed one offer are now counted.


  • Fixed issue with sidebar not staying on the left on some small devices.


  • Earning history page has been updated to show Pending & Duplicate status on certain earnings
  • Introduced a system to check for duplicate earnings from certain partners, which will lead to removal of earnings.
  • Patched bug with AceWall & Video Offers where duplicate earnings were given to members.


  • Frozen balance auto calculator system has been updated to have a more balanced effect.
  • Fixed common bug with IP Geo-Location.
  • Withdrawal fees are now visible on withdraw page.
  • Withdraw page has been updated to a cleaner look.


  • ITF System added (Internal Trust Factor)
  • Frozen balance auto calculator system added


  • Account security page added (Includes failed logins with information)
  • Support tickets have been updated and now use AJAX to prevent double posting.


  • Latest offers completed no longer shows completions worth less than 1 points (or $0.01)
  • Added local timezones to the site to allow for easier data tracking for members
  • History page now uses new local timezones.
  • Referrals page now uses new local timezones.
  • Bonus page now uses new local timezones.
  • Local timezones now also work for visitors (Not logged in)
  • Ability to manually change timezone has been added to account settings.
  • Support tickets now use new local timezones.


  • Phone verification now required to get your rewards (Due to recent surge in fraud)
  • Fixed tools page minor bug.


  • Updated tools page, now displays a much-needed conversion log & uses AJAX forms instead.
  • New fix added to the system to prevent accounts being affected from the conversion bug.


  • Changed the appearance of the offers on the dashboard & offers page.
  • Changed how the FluxRewards title appears on mobile devices.
  • Fixed CSS bug where offers were cut in half on mobile devices.
  • Added Frozen balances (more information to come)
  • Updated Earning history page to show new frozen balance features.
  • Fixed random database bug on the dashboard.


  • Daily top earner is calculated every minute to improve page load speeds
  • Accounts in cheater mode are no longer shown on monthly top earners.
  • Accounts in cheater mode are exempt from Daily top earner.


  • New modern Registration Form


  • Added daily top earner bonuses
  • Removed Display Currency due to a well-known conversion bug


  • Added today's top earner to side menu under site statistics


  • Added Payment Fast Track Service. Find out more here.


  • Added latest completions on the user profile pages.
  • Added top completions on the user profile pages


  • Moved to new servers located in Dallas, United States.


  • Added member profiles, now share how much you've earned with others!


  • Updated badge system with more badges for people to obtain.
  • Updated earning history page with tabbed content.
  • Updated account settings page added phone number field.


  • HTTPs is now forced on FluxRewards due to Google Chrome V70 update.


  • Added Display Currency, allows users to change the currency displayed on the side menu
  • Updated monthly leaderboards to a much nicer look.