Get Rewarded For Your Online Work!

Earn cash from watching videos

One of the easiest ways to earn money from FluxRewards is by using our collections of TV & Video Offers from our partners.


How does it work?

There's a simple explanation to that. First all of all, you'll need to create a FluxRewards account and login in order to view a list of video providers. Some of our providers give you access to watch videos from your mobile device to let earn even more by running it on more than one device. You'll earn points to your account when you watch a set amount of videos, these can then be redeemed for Gift Cards or PayPal cash.

Who pays us for this?

Large companies that are looking to get more brand recognition within the market and certain advertisers that want internet surfers like yourself to view their content. Some of these companies showcase snippets of their content and you get paid to simply be at home, watching it. 

Watching videos to earn money from FluxRewards is a great place for new members to begin earning passively. We actively search for new video providers to give you a higher earning potential. 


What types of video are there?

Our video partners will select videos that match with your online interests. This means that you should always be seeing content that best fits with your own interests and likes. A large number of members of FluxRewards really enjoy earning money from watching videos on their desktop and mobile devices.


How can I get started?

Simply create a free account using your email address and using a strong password to keep your earnings safe then navigate to the Video Offers page, this is where you'll find our collection of video providers that you get to pick from!

Then once you start earning passive money from watching videos from home or work, you can redeem your points for Gift Cards, PayPal Cash and others from our Shop. We also reward our members for staying active and being the day's top earner with bonuses.