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Earning Tips - Earn more!

Here at FluxRewards we want you to earn as much as possible and we are here to help you! Here are some earning tips that might enable you to be able to earn more!

Are you using Video Offers (VideoLoyalty)?
if your answer is no, then you should be, because VideoLoyalty is auto-pilot and doesn't require you to do anything. You can find this offer on the offer walls page on Video Offers if you are from one of the participating countries. A bonus offer for USA residents is called VideoLab! Just leave these offers running on your computer and you'll earn some money overnight, and while your working on something else on your computer, be sure to not change the window sizes or minimize the offer window.

Are you actively promoting your referral link?
If you're not already promoting your referral link, you should be, and there is a good reason to, you earn 10% of what your referral earns, if your referral earns $10, you get $1! A great way to promote your link to earn money is by creating a YouTube Video about FluxRewards or posting about us on forums. You can learn more about referrals here.

Are you good at completing surveys?
We have a lot of surveys for you to complete, however, we feel like the best way for you to earn the most while completing surveys is by using RevenueWall from the Offer Walls page, they always have a good survey to complete for most countries!