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Earning Tips - Earn more!

We want to make sure that you know about every opportunity to earn yourself some extra money. Here is our collection of tips and other bits of useful information to help you earn more with us!

Video Offers

Video offers are a great way to earn some points on your FluxRewards account. We have some great video offers provided to you by our partners. You can find our video offers on this page. Using videos to earn you some income is a great idea as it can quickly boost your earnings, here are some other key reasons:

  • Easy to setup
  • Completions/earnings are automated
  • Provide a second source of income while you complete other offers

Most of the available video offers allow you to run the offer on more than one device, including mobile devices and tablets. Many members use Video Offers to earn a lot of money, however, we would suggest using other offers to earn you money while running video offers to maximise your earning potential.

Referring Members

Another way members earn money effortlessly is by using our referral program. It allows you to share our website with your friends and earn money for doing so! You'll always earn 10% of what they earn. It's a great opportunity to earn some extra money. 10% means that you'll earn $1 every time your referral earns $10. Awesome ways our members share their referral link are:

  • Posting a YouTube review video
  • Sharing on social media such as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
  • Appropriate forums
  • Messaging friends with your referral link

Referrals are a fantastic way for you to earn money simply by inviting friends to the site! You can view your referrals and your statistics here.

Completing Surveys

A really good method to earn money is by completing surveys. We're internally working on our own survey system to help to get better survey results, but in the meantime, we have some great partnerships that offer high paying surveys. It's important to remember that not all surveys will reward you if you are not successful in completing or qualifying for the survey, but persistence is key!  Key facts about completing surveys:

  • Completing surveys are high paying.
  • Most surveys pay over 50 points!
  • Although they can take some time, they are really worth it.
  • You can easily earn $100 in 24 hours by completing surveys.

Surveys are a great way to earn yourself money. You can use a number of our offer walls to find surveys. On our offer walls page, you can use AdGate, RevenueWall, Opinion Capital, TheoremReach & Persona.ly are great places to get started at!

Stay Active!

Want to earn more, by doing nothing extra? Awesome! Our new daily top earner bonus is the best way for you to earn extra money by earning money. Be the day's top earner and you'll be given a bonus to use for the next 24 hours. 

Want to know if you're today's top earner? Take a look on the sidebar under site statistics, you'll be able to see the member that's earned the most today.