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Referral Program

Our Referral program allows you to earn money by inviting new users to join the site. 
When you send someone to our site with your referral link, you referral ID stays in the visitor's cookies for 30 Days!


Free signup

Don't feel like doing too much work, that's cool, just signup for free and refer members to earn some income.

Unique Referral link

Paste your unique referral link on blogs, forums and social media to find users that haven't already got an account.

Banners Provided

We've already created promotional banners for you to use, you can put these anywhere!

Earn Commission

With each user that signs up using your unique link, you'll earn 10% of whatever they earn.

Information About Referrals

What makes a referral verified?
A Verified referral is the only type of referral that will earn you money, for the referral to become verified they must confirm their email address and complete at least one offer either from the offer page or offer walls.

Where can I advertise my referral link?
You are allowed to advertise anywhere you see fit, as long as the content is SFW (Safe for work) and doesn't condone any illegal activities.

Can I register under my own Referral link? 
No, you are forbidden to create multiple accounts, if you are convicted of doing such activities you will be banned from the website.