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Terms of Service

FluxRewards Terms of Service Agreement

By completing the signup process and registering a FluxRewards account, you agree to be bound to the following Terms of Service for FluxRewards.com (from this point referred to as “FluxRewards” and/or “we”). Please read the following document carefully as it sets forth your rights and obligations to the services that FluxRewards provides to you.

This Terms of service agreement is for FluxRewards.com only, once you have left this domain, any information entered won’t be covered by our privacy or terms of service agreement.

FluxRewards reserves the right at any time to change all or any part of these Terms or the services. Any changes made will be effective immediately without notice.


Accounts & participation requirements

·          Registration (where permitted) is open to residents 18+ years old or 13+ years old with parental consent.

·          Only one account per person is allowed. Multi-account is not allowed, accounts found to be linked will both be placed into cheater mode.

·          You may not use a proxy or otherwise change the IP address to mask or reroute the connection, at times we may ask for you to confirm some information about your connections to FluxRewards.

·          You can only have one account per IP Address/Household. Creating account on the same IP is not allowed, and the registration will be blocked by the system. If you need to have more than one account per IP, please email info@fluxrewards.com

·          You agree not to exploit, distribute, or publicly inform other members of any errors, vulnerabilities or bugs that gives an unintended advantage, violate any applicable laws or regulations.

·          You must signup using 100% valid information that is of your own. Using any disposable/temporary email addresses is not allowed.

·          FluxRewards reserves the right to terminate an account without any warning if we suspect a violation of our Terms of Service

General Offer Requirements & Terms

·          You are required to only complete your own offers using our own and valid information and at no time should you use anyone else’s information. All of the information used while attempting to complete an offer must be 100% valid. Anyone found using fraudulent information will have their earnings removed, and possibly account banned based on the severity of the situation.

·          All email addresses used on both FluxRewards and while completing a survey/offer must be valid and cannot be disposable/temporary email addresses. You do not have to use the same email that is on your FluxRewards account.

·          Some networks take some time to credit certain offers. Please allow for 60 minutes before trying to contact either FluxRewards support or the offer wall support staff. Please ensure that you check the site for any alerts that state any issues with certain networks.


Earning via offers and offer walls

·          FluxRewards has no control over the crediting speed or the final amount you are credited. FluxRewards is not liable for offers that don’t credit and will not credit you unless proven that you are owed. Please refrain from contacting support about crediting issues, although this may be a postback issue, it’s rare.

·          Any reversals that occur to your account will automatically be taken out the money from your account, if you do not have enough money to cover the reversal you will therefor be in debt to FluxRewards. You agree to repay the owed money within 14 days via earning it by completing offers or by paying directly to FluxRewards’ official PayPal account to cover the reversal’s total amount.

Payments (Including Digital Gift Cards)

·          FluxRewards reserves the right to disallow any withdrawal that is suspected to have been in connection with fraudulent activity. You are able to appeal this decision by contacting support.

·          Payments are sent as fast as possible, we have the right to hold payments for as long as we see fit and until your earnings are cleared of any fraud. We estimate that most payments won’t take much longer than one week.

·          Fees are calculated at the time of when the payment is sent. PayPal payments have fees that are set by PayPal, Bitcoin fees are to cover transaction fees and Amazon & other digital Gift Cards have no fees. FluxRewards reserves the right to change any fee without any warning to a user.

·          PayPal payments to US PayPal account typically won’t encounter any fees, however, due to how PayPal works, we cannot guarantee that there will not be any fees applied by PayPal when sending the payment.

·          FluxRewards only provides digital/electronic gift cards, we do not provide any physical gift cards.

·          No refunds or return of points or cash will be provided for any reason, once you redeem or withdraw your FluxRewards balance there will be no return unless we are not able to provide the reward.


·          At any time FluxRewards may require you to provide photo ID (Driver’s License state/government issued ID Card) clearly displaying your first & last name, address and date of birth, this information should match any information provided to survey providers and your FluxRewards account. FluxRewards may also at any time require you to provide proof of broadband/cable bill clearly showing your first & last name, address and the company of which the bill is from.

·          At any time FluxRewards may lock your account due to verification purposes which will require you to confirm your phone number in order to continue your use of the website or receive any withdrawals that are pending on your account.

Fast Track

·          A programme known as ‘Fast Track’, this service is on an invite-only terms. You will only be invited if you meet the minimum requirements or otherwise invited by FluxRewards.

·          In order to obtain ‘Fast Track’, once invited you’ll need to disclose information such as ID, Utility Bill(s) and Bank Statements, a full list can be found on fluxrewards.com/page/fast-track .

·          Once obtained, FluxRewards reserves the right to remove it at any time without any prior warning if any suspicion of fraud or fake documents provided.

·          In terms of privacy, a total deletion of documents is taken place once they have gone through the full verification process, once received, the documents are only seen by FluxRewards in order for the correct verification process to take place. If further verification is needed, FluxRewards may be required to out-source their verification processes in order to determine the legitimacy of the submitted documents.


Referral program

·          You will receive 10% of earnings from all referrals, excluding any active bonuses that they may be using.

·          You do not have a limit on the amount of referrals that can have on your account

·          You are not allowed to create an account under your referral URL, doing so your account will be placed into cheater mode for an administrator to review. You will need to create a support ticket in order to get cheater mode removed from your account.

Support Tickets / Live Support Chat

·          FluxRewards provide support ticket and live chat, you should only contact support with issues that are related to FluxRewards as we will not be able to provide support for anything other than FluxRewards-related issues.

·          Continuously spamming support can result in a ban from using both of these forms of support contact, this ban will be temporary however, if you continue to spam you will permanently be banned from using certain features on FluxRewards.

·          Respectful interaction (as judged by support staff) is expected from any user that wants to receive support, at all times. Please refrain from swearing or using harsh language when contacting support.

Earning Bonuses

·          Earning bonuses are given to users at random, for certain times of the year (for example Christmas/New year). Other ways you may obtain a bonus is by helping the site, staying active and/or referring a large number of users.

·          Earning bonuses are only factored into the earnings that you get from completing offers, the bonus does not affect any code redemptions or referral earnings.

·          FluxRewards reserves the right to remove a bonus at any time without warning.

Codes & code redemptions

·          FluxRewards from time to time may hand out codes for users to use, these codes can provide points, cash or bonuses.

·          FluxRewards reserves the right to at any time remove or change the code at any time, this includes what the code redeems.

·          FluxRewards reserves the right to at any time remove anything gained from redeeming a code without prior warning.


·          FluxRewards reserves the right to disallow any prizes if the contester is suspected of cheating. If the user is suspected of cheating, the user can be banned from entering contests in the future.

·          FluxRewards reserves the right to adapt, change or remove contests at any time without proper warning. If for example a contest was opened by mistake, we will close and end the contest as soon as possible.

·          You must read the rules and instructions of the contest before attempting to enter, if you don’t follow the rules, your entry may be void and removed.


·          FluxRewards reserves the right to keep any user’s data, even after the account has been terminated or banned.

·          Any of your information, including but not limited to email addresses, phone numbers, first and last names and house addresses are kept encrypted and are not shared with any third parties. An exception to this is MinuteStaff OfferWall, which asks for user’s email addresses.