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Zero tolerance for cheaters

To provide a good experience for all FluxRewards members, we need to ensure that everyone is treated fairly.
For those that try to gain the system and cheat in order to earn money, we have put in place a zero-tolerance policy.


How does it affect all members?

When users cheat, and they're paid their cheated earnings, this could mean that there is not enough left in order to pay legitimate member's rewards. Doing this then means that payments are delayed, and members are unhappy. Which of course we don't want to do.


What does this mean for the cheaters?

We already had a policy that meant that members would be placed into cheater mode, with a requirement to contact support in order for it to be removed. This still stands, however, depending on how the member cheated, we may:

  • Remove all or some of the earnings on the account.
  • Lockdown the earning opportunities that they have.
  • Require phone verification.
  • Entirely ban the member and remove all earnings.

Of course, only members that cheat, or exploit the website will have any of these action taken on their account.


Changes to cheater mode:

  • Phone verification may be required.
  • Phone call verification may be required.
  • ID Verification may be required.